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2023 Statewide Race Equity Convening 

Hosted by the Travis County CWREC

Supported by

Casey Family Programs

CASA of Travis County

Travis County Child Welfare Re-Imagined Pilot


August 3-4, 2023

Throughout the convening, we hope you will engage in simulation, team building, and improv. The purpose of this approach is to accelerate the meaning of “impact before outcome.” We want to discover, learn, play, and move in rhythm with one another so that we move into transformational co-design and community organizing (the NEW way).
Each of you play a role as interested parties. We gather to experience what is required for us to “nurture freedom dreams” of justice, liberation and belonging.


CWREC Planning Team 

Dr.Eloise Sepeda, Michael Martinez, Tanya Rollins, Tammy Jitnoom, Hon. Aurora Martinez Jones

CWREC Data Analysis & Mapping Report


This report uses data obtained from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for Child Protective Services (CPS) involved families and children from 2018 to 2021 to demonstrate the urgent need for policymakers to collaborate and find better ways to support child and family well-being in Travis County. The data evaluation was conducted in partnership with cross-sector  providers, community, parents/caregivers, and youth with lived experience. This approach successfully co-created space to humanize interested parties, understand and meet community needs, and harness our collective strengths for greater impact. 

Austin Blue Map.jpg

FY 2022 Data

By County

For participants to the 2023 Statewide Race Equity Convening, DFPS Reports by County have been provided related to Time in Care by Race and Ethnicity and Time Waiting Adoption. 

Data obtained from DFPS; Charts created by TNR

Additional DFPS data that may be of interest to participants has also been provided. 

Day 1

"Nurturing Dreams & Accountability"

Day 2

"Imagining, Defining, and Holding Accountability"


Thank you.

See you in 2024!

It is our hope that we gather annually to continue working and learning together.

Please email us to express interest in attending the 2024 Statewide Race Equity Convening:

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