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Court Calendar

Docket Schedules & Upcoming Court Events

Weekly Court Schedule


Contested evidentiary hearings.


Associate Judge hears reviews in ongoing conservatorship and court ordered services cases.
District Judge hears new cases.


Associate Judge hears reviews in ongoing conservatorship and court ordered services cases.
District Judge hears new cases.


Judges preside over the Travis County Family Drug Treatment Court- Parenting In Recovery program.


District Judge hears Crossover Program for Dual Status Youth cases.
Associate Judge presides over cases with children in permanent foster care.

Events for Child Welfare Professionals
No upcoming events at the moment

Court Calendar


Travis County CPS hearings are occurring remotely, effective March 13, 2020 but will return to in-person starting February 6, 2023.

Some evidentiary hearings are already being heard in-person, effective March 21, 2022.

December 23, 2022 and December 26, 2022 are Travis County holidays and there will be no court hearings

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