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The Child Welfare Race Equity Collaborative (CWREC) was founded in 2018 directly in response to data from the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) on Child Removals by Race and Ethnic Group* showing Travis County had disproportionate outcomes for African American children compared to Anglo children related to allegations of abuse and neglect, investigations by DFPS, and removals from their home at rates that are far above statewide figures.

In partnership with the the DFPS Disproportionality Manager, Casey Family Programs and with support from Mission Capital, the Travis County Model Court for Children and Families has partnered to create the CWREC so that professionals and the community can work side by side to acknowledge, assess, address, and collaborate on sustained long-term strategies to increase equitable outcomes and rectify the extraordinary disproportionality present in the Travis County child welfare system. 

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Volunteer Legal Advocates Needed for Community Education & Outreach

With changing Texas laws and new policies by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the CWREC intends to engage in a community education and partnership initiative. This initiative will require the creation of educational tools, created by the CWREC and partnering legal advocates, to provide the community with information on understanding the child welfare system, understanding mandated reporting laws, understanding their rights if an investigation by CPS occurs for them or someone they know, and how to best support friends, family, and community members in navigating through or preventing entry into the child welfare system. 

This initiative will require coordinating and creating tools such as brochures, FAQ sheets, video explanations, resources guides, social media graphics and any other useful tool to help support community engagement and education. The CWREC depends on professionals volunteering their time for these efforts and would request any professional interested in partnering and volunteering for this initiative to submit their information below. 

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Are you interested in attending any upcoming Equity or Trauma-Informed trainings that may be available through the CWREC or partnering organizaitons?

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Please contact us with any specific questions about this Volunteer form or the community engagement initiative.

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