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Family Buying Bread

Family Preservation Leadership Council

The Family Preservation Leadership Council is the Advisory Council of Individuals with Lived Experience that helps support and inform the Child Welfare Re-Imagined Pilot

Vision & Mission

Vision: All families in Austin have the culturally relevant support and connections they need for their children to thrive.


Mission: Center the voices of Travis County community members with lived experience to end the removal of children from their families.


Center Lived Experience in All Decisions: Amplify during the Pilot design the voices of those with lived experience in child welfare


Family Preservation: Child removals are a last resort; keeping children with families and in communities is the ultimate goal


Community Connections: Ensure all families are connected to the community resources they need to thrive


Honor Families and Cultures: Prioritize culturally relevant and affirming trainings and investments in families


System Accountability: Redefine child welfare to focus on strengthening families and preventing abuse and neglect; hold the system accountable to functionally ending removals


Partnership: All voices are being heard as a whole working together in partnership for family preservation and sustainability.

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